Studio progress

IMG_18535_webFriday it POURED.
I’m talking a cold, soaking, was never dry all day kind of rain.
So, since I wasn’t able to play outside, I painted inside and miraculously, the roof of Western Ave Studios didn’t leak. I was able to finish the 4th and final coat of paint on my door, got the first coat of paint on the side walls, and painted the beam on the door wall as high as I could with my stool. I still have to paint the far wall “Cut Ruby” and put a second coat on the side walls, but it should all be done by Wednesday at the latest.


I am picking up my key today, which means I can actually start moving in all my stuff! I would really like to be all moved in by next weekend. So, if anyone has a truck and wants to help me, I would be forever in your debt.

Now, on with the pics and yes, I really love purple, but, no, I did not pick my door color of “Royal Indigo” using my step stool which I’ve had for 13 years. It is just a happy coincidence.

IMG_18520_web   IMG_18522_web   IMG_18530_webIMG_18523_web


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