So, my big news is that I am getting a studio at Western Ave Studios in Lowell!
223 square feet of space for me to create whatever I want and a place to show and sell my photographs.

I decided to get a space while visiting during open studios on Saturday. I did it on a whim after finding the price list of open spaces in the elevator. I was going to just take the list off the wall then go home and call, but something told me that wouldn’t be the nicest thing to do, so I found the property manager, Maxine, who is also a working artist. She showed me three spaces and went home to think it over and crunch numbers. Could I afford it? Am I ready?

Today, I made a choice.

I chose studio# A503!

I am up on the 5th floor at the end of the hallway. So, basically, if you look down the hall, to the right, you see right into my studio. It’s prime real-estate and will give me a lot of exposure. The 5th floor is currently being renovated, so it won’t be ready until October, but the day Western Ave gets the certificate of occupancy, I can pick up my key and move in.

I get to paint the interior walls, hand art, lay a new floor (if I want), AND paint the walls and hang artwork in the hallway that makes up the outer walls of my studio. HOME DEPOT HERE I COME!!

My address will be:
Studio #A503
Western Avenue Studios
122 Western Avenue
Lowell, MA 01851

Here are a couple of pictures of what it looks like now and where it is. I’ll update as things move forward and what events the Western Ave Studios are having.

I can’t wait to move in!

Looking in from the hallway.

View from in front of the window.


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2 Responses to Studio!

  1. Roya Millard says:

    hooty-hoo!!! This is awesome!

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