Wait! What?!

Summer’s over?!
Somehow I got all caught up in the beautiful weather, pool lounging, a part time work schedule, and wandering around with my camera that three months have flow by and cooler, shorter days were sneaking up on me. I don’t mind yet, but once I have to start wearing gloves again, I’m going to.

So what have I been up to?

Well, a little bit of this,
IMG_17372_crop_web   IMG_17296_web

meeting new, interesting people and participating in The Cypher, spoken verse and street dancing event during Fresh Air Fridays in Lowell,
IMG_17662_crop_web   IMG_18044_web

experimenting with new equipment during an Essex Heritage Photo Safari at the Long Hill & the Sedgwick Gardens in Beverly, MA,
8G8A8151_web   8G8A0377_crop_web

among other things. Head over to Flickr to see!

I also have some very exciting to news, but I have to wait until tomorrow to tell! I need to take pictures to show you. I am so excited I can barely stand it!


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