New Projects

I promised myself that I would actually update this blog on a regular basis this year and well, that so far hasn’t happened. Why? The Plague. For the past 4 weeks I have had the worst head/chest cold that has allowed me to do little except flick through 300 cable channels and sleep on the couch. Thankfully, I’m over it and now my life can resume.

That means actually getting to do some art projects, finishing all of my clothing projects I started last summer, and getting a job (I really, really need a job! Anyone need a Graphic Designer with 6 years of publishing experience and a semester of graduate education at Pratt Institute? You can find my portfolio and resume HERE.) I went to my Dad’s and collected all of my art supplies and have taken over my mom’s living room. I don’t think she’s thrilled, but she is sleeping at the moment since she is now sick with what I had. So far, I have managed to put Sculpey ears on a 7 inch Munny. Apparently, you can bake final at 200 degrees and it doesn’t melt! I think they turned out alright. They need to be sanded and then I can prime it. I can’t decide if I want it to be a fairy or an elf. I’ll figure that out after I prime it.

Elf/Fairy   Elf/Fairy ears close up

There was one weekend that I want too sick and went to the American Textile History Museum in Lowell and realized that I really like mechanical things with lots of little moving parts. They had a display of model steam engines and I spent way too much time in the loom room. I wonder if I ask if they would let me get a closer look so that I could take some better pictures…hmmm….



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