The beginning of the rest of my life.

Well, I made! I packed up all of my things, shoved them into an SUV (with help from Dad, the packing master), and moved into a 110 sq ft room on the 16th floor of a dorm building in Brooklyn, NY. Some of you might think I’m crazy for going back to living like this after being out for the past 6 years, but I can’t be more thrilled. All of my bills are paid for, I don’t have to cook unless I want to, so all I have to do is go to class and do my homework. I have no responsibilities except go to school and do well.


It was a long 5 hrs to get here, but once I saw the place it was all worth it. The place is bright and clean. I have a closet half the length of the wall. I’ve never had a closet this big. Within a day, it felt like home and has a view to die for. I face NE, am the tallest building for about 20 blocks, and the sun rises are the best. I have met so many new people from all different majors I can barely keep track. A painter, a photographer, interior designers, industrial designers, new form artists, printmakers, and just a few communication design majors. The connections I make here I hope will last a lifetime. Even if they don’t, at the very least, they will inspire and expand my knowledge of art and design. For that I am grateful.

Things down here were pretty quiet until Last Tuesday. I was up on the 16th floor, making lunch, when suddenly the building started to sway by quite a lot. I am talking 4 feet from one extreme to the other. I have never felt anything like it. The building was evacuated and I had to haul my sorry butt down 16 flights of stairs. Not fun! Found out about 15 minutes later we had had an earthquake. An earthquake! In Brooklyn!

Then Saturday night, hurricane Irene whips through here. Complete subway shutdown from Saturday at noon until Monday morning. Flooding and trees down. Campus closed Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday! Here are some pics from the NY Times. It was pretty impressive, but even more impressive was the cleanup. Less than 24 hrs later, most of it was done and things have just about returned to normal. Really remarkable.

Today, I officially start graduate school. A little scared, but bring it on! There is no turning back now!


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