Where are you from?

So far I have found 3 of my fellow Grad CommD classmates through Facebook. We are from all over the world. I can’t wait to meet these people and see the kinds of work that they do and how living in different places has influenced the type of design that we do.

Everyday, I become more and more excited to go and see what I can do, than scared and worried that the coursework will be ridiculously hard or that money will hold me back. Talent, skill, drive, and ambition don’t cost anything. All I have to do is show up. Everything else I need will follow.

In other news, I have started purging and repacking all of my things. There are 3 piles: school, storage, and daily life. Most of my things will end up in the storage and everyday life pile, but all of my art supplies and the like are going with me to school. I have to buy more Rubbermaid tubs and snag some boxes from work. I’ve got 2 months until I move in with Mom for 6 weeks before I go down to NYC to shorten my commute.. Thanks work for moving from Sudbury to Burlington. 12 minute commute to more than an hr. No, thanks. I think I’ll be alright for time. ::crosses fingers::


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