A New Portfolio Site

I’ve created a separate website to just showcase my graphic design and photography portfolio. You can find it at klternullo.wix.com/portfolio.

Let me know what you think!


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I blinked…

It appears that I’ve blinked and a year and a half has gone by. I had hoped to post about the studio and and art I was creating. Instead, I have spent the time away from the computer screen, taking pictures, making friends, and having a great deal of fun.

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Is it done yet?

Here is just a little update since the studio is slow going and it keeps raining so taking pictures outside is difficult.

Saturday, I went to Mack’s Apples in Londonderry. It wasn’t suppose to rain, but after  only 10 minutes, the sky opened up and poured down. Oh, well. I was able to catch this during my time there. Part summer, part fall in color. I can’t wait for Halloween!

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Studio progress

IMG_18535_webFriday it POURED.
I’m talking a cold, soaking, was never dry all day kind of rain.
So, since I wasn’t able to play outside, I painted inside and miraculously, the roof of Western Ave Studios didn’t leak. I was able to finish the 4th and final coat of paint on my door, got the first coat of paint on the side walls, and painted the beam on the door wall as high as I could with my stool. I still have to paint the far wall “Cut Ruby” and put a second coat on the side walls, but it should all be done by Wednesday at the latest.

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My first show

My first retail was a complete success!

I had a table at the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce Showcase and Expo at the Radisson in Chelmsford, MA . It was an event of more than 100 local business and it was free and open to the public. I met other local artists, got to talk to my new neighbors from the Western Ave Studios, and actually sold a few pieces.

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Made by Moo!

My new business cards came today! YAY!
They have my new studio’s address on them and are much better looking than the last ones I had. They are a series of 7 images. Kinda like trading cards. If you want one, come find me at Western Ave starting in October. If you can’t wait, you can find me at Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce 17th Annual Business Expo & Showcase at the
Radisson Hotel & Suites in Chelmsford, from 12-5pm. Several local artists, including myself, will be showing and selling our work.

I used moo.com to have them printed. This is the second time I’ve used them and I love the quality and the color.

New business cards


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So, my big news is that I am getting a studio at Western Ave Studios in Lowell!
223 square feet of space for me to create whatever I want and a place to show and sell my photographs.

I decided to get a space while visiting during open studios on Saturday. I did it on a whim after finding the price list of open spaces in the elevator. I was going to just take the list off the wall then go home and call, but something told me that wouldn’t be the nicest thing to do, so I found the property manager, Maxine, who is also a working artist. She showed me three spaces and went home to think it over and crunch numbers. Could I afford it? Am I ready?

Today, I made a choice.

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